Its My Skate Night Podcast Ep06 – The Traveling Skater

Does skate parties’ meet and greet lose its luster over time? What pulls a skater to invest their time and money on a skate party they’ve never attended? In this episode, IMSN explores these questions and take about learning from Travis’ major travel mistake and other hilarious stories!

2015 It’s My Skate Night Recap

It’s My Skate Night has had a great year! We shared a lot of memorable moments with our supporters throughout 2015 and we thank you for riding along! Here’s a brief recap of a few of IMSN’s top moments of  2015.

IMSN and the Baltimore Uprising

One of the most serious events that made national news coverage in 2015 was the Baltimore Uprising following Freddie Gray’s death. This happened in our home town, blocks away from our home rink. During the aftermath,  it was a proud moment to see the  Baltimore skate community come together at ground zero to lift the spirits of our city in a great impromptu community building event.
Ground zero of the Freddie Gray protest site.

#IMSN – Baltimore Peaceful Protesters

As you may know, after the height of the the civil unrest in #Baltimore, the Bmore skate fam got together to demonstrate peacefully in our skates at ground zero. This is a mash-up video tribute of my personal experience of that. The positive energy was flowing. It was truly a great sight. Love.#IMSN #itsmyskatenight #HealBaltimore #OneBaltimore #AmericanOxygen #RihannaDontSueMe

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Even though we didn’t set out to get publicity we’ve been featured in the Baltimore Sun Paper and on Vice Sports (Click to read full article).

It’s My Skate Night feature on Vice Sports.

Jubilee Arts Community Building Event

IMSN helped Jubilee Arts  celebrate the local professional and teen artist as they unveil the Sandtown mural project. Complete with trolley tours, music, performances, and food this event was one for the books.


Spins at @jubileearts1 community event. What a blast! #IMSN #itsmyskatenight #skatenight #jubileeartsbaltimore #sandtown

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Such great work happening in the community! (Click here to see more).


Artscape Weekend (during heat wave)!

2015 marked the 2nd year we performed at Artscape – the nation’s largest free arts festival. The temperatures reached well into the 90s and yet the skaters kept rolling to the live music provided by DJ JB. Kudos to all that came out and skated in oppressively humid tropical rain forest like conditions!

It’s My Skate Night Skating through a heatwave at Artscape 2015.

 (Video is actually 2014)

Grit Fund Free Skate Jam

Directly after Artscape we put on a free Skate Jam and showcase for the community sponsored by The Contemporary. Thanks Harm City Roller Derby team for coming out and showing your support!


Free Skating. Free exhibit. Why not? Come join us! Here until 1am. Rentals available! #IMSN #skatenight #skatelife #rollerskating #itsmyskatenight

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Hampden Skate Park Vs. It’s My Skate Night

Inspired by Chicks in Bowls and stupidity, the It’s My Skate Night crew tackled the skate park in Hampden Baltimore with near disastrous results. We vow not to do it again unless the Chicks in Bowls accompany us to show us the ropes (yes, we’re calling you gals out ;-).

It’s My Skate Night Vs. Skate Park Bowl

New Home for the IMSN Baby

After a two years of taking (marginally) good care of our “mascot” we found a new home for the IMSN baby doll. She’s in better hands now. Please send photos. We’d love to see her in her new home.  CLICK HERE to listen to our Podcast to get the full back-story. 

DJ Jammin’s 3rd Annual Fashion Show

This also marked our second year we participated in DJ Jammin’s fashion show. Lots of fun!

Kickin it at Dj Jammin’s fashion skate party. The invite is much appreciated. Check out #jamminwear#IMSN #itsmyskatenight #skatenight #rollerskating #skatelove #skatelife #fashion

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It’s My Skate Night crew posing after ripping the runway.

#IMSN 2015 Vending Tour

We traveled the country to see our supporters and met countless new skaters during our travels to over 8 states this year. Maybe next year we will finally fulfill our dream of going international!

We Launched Our Podcast!

We’ve been talking about this for a while and finally took it to the airwaves! So many topics to cover! We’re excite to see what we come up with next! Thank you all for your feed back and “5 star” reviews on iTunes!
Podcast available on iTunes and SoundCloud. Email us your suggestions at: .
 Welp here’s to a brand spankin’ new year.

Happy New Years skate fam!!!

Its My Skate Night Podcast Ep03 – Skate Crews v. Skate Clubs

This episode we discuss the difference between a skate crews vs skate clubs/groups, what does It’s My Skate Night consider itself?, the skate culture, IMSN’s list of dos and don’ts, calling out our worst rinks and experiences, DJ drops, and a secret unboxing at the end of the episode.

Its My Skate Night Podcast Episode 1 – Maiden Voyage

It’s My Skate Night’s first official podcast. Here we discuss how we all got into roller skating, our skate set-up, backpackin’, confessions, and a host of other things. Hilarity ensues.

Back To Cali Skate Jam Recap

File May 22, 1 12 14 PM
Skate Love!

Back to Cali was nice from the stand point for a newbie. I’ve never been to this event nor the rink. The host rink was at Fountain Valley right outside of Long Beach, CA. Fountain Valley floor was surprisingly nice considering that the wood floor is painted blue. The rink was very well maintained and clean.

Thursday night was packed – it was nice to see others from all over, especially the Midwest (they really came out to support). The greeting at the door was blah and the overall direction upon entering the rink was also blah (once I paid no one said anything to me, I feel that they recognized only the people that they knew personally, which is kinda discouraging to a newbie like me…).  You really never notice the important roll of door greeting until it’s missing. There was a man selling tickets but, he looked scary, Lol. We’ll just call him “Hustle Man.” Every jam has to have a Hustle Man. Any way I got my tickets the next day from DJ “Big Bert.” Bert was very visible and friendly! The music was on point. The DJs catered to ALL – from East to West. Again, it was on point! I heard no complaints of the music; the vibe was right!

File May 22, 1 19 33 PM
My Skate Fam. from East to West Showed Out!
What’s BTC without the  “All White Party?” Very well put together I must say.  Everyone was freshly dressed in their white hook ups! The venue was at the Marina which had two stories, with two DJs. “Ballin’!” The crowd danced all night. It was Great! Truly a staple of this event.
Saturday was the picnic…  although I didn’t make it I heard nothing but good things about it.  Can’t go wrong with a cocktail of great weather, free food, and music to vibe to.
Forward to  Saturday Night – even though the rink was completely PACKED(!!!) – the sweat was visible and yet the roll was still very enjoyable! No styles were called… No states were called… just Cali rolling and some serious circle work. I was in ear shot of someone from out-of-town expressing how they truly enjoyed the way Cali rolled!! They were pleased that they did not have to do their signature “bark” to get people out of there way! Other honorable mentions includes slow walkers, Gsliders and striders!

There was a fight in the rink barely worth mentioning… a rarity. But, fortunately I brought my fresh mint tea to sip, so that was none of my business, LOL.

The focus was that the music “Rocked” the rink and everyone appeared to be having a Wonderful time. All Smiles!!

Although, the sideline vibe was a bit different and lacked the hospitality or welcome-ness that I was used to from other skate parties. But hey! This is Cali where the Gangstas Roll!!!
Leaving the rink Saturday Night myself and most other skaters had  a difficult question to answer,  “Where to Skate on Sunday!?” Apparently there’s a popular local session in Chino and competing by default with the Back 2 Cali session. Many people were trying to decide where to go skate? Some people decided that they were going to attend both rinks (the ambitious ones). Some people decided to attend one rink over the other for many reasons; clearly there was a divided. Hopefully, by next year the out-of-towners do not have to decide on which rink to roll at because it really made a difference. Not Good.
So in all here are my Pros:
The Music was Great
Great Rink
White Party was Hype!
The Weather was perfect
And, of course, it’s CALI!!!
Hospitality could be improved
The Split Rinks on Sunday
There was not an itinerary for suggestions on sightseeing places for people that like to venture…
The Hotel charged $17 a night for parking (Valet $20) Not a BTC issue. But  sheez.
Overall this newbies thought is… I’ve came and I experienced Back to Cali! “I’m Going Going Back Back to CALI!!!”
–  Angela (Midwest IMSN Correspondent)

Thowback Back to Cali Video:

My 6th Annual Houston Rolling Roundup Skate Jam Review – #IMSN


My Houston Roundup 2015 Review.

I arrived at the Houston hobby at 7:30 pm local time and went directly to the host which is about 5 minutes from the airport. The hotel provided a shuttle which I appreciated, as I did not rent a car on this trip. After checking in I went over to the Meet and Greet (which I think need a new name, but that’s a convo for a different time). It was at a bar next door. Honestly, I didn’t even go inside – I got there so late it was pretty much at capacity. Skaters spilled over in to the parking lot just chopping it up. The weather was great, no complaints there. Definitely wasn’t missing the snow storm back home. Left the Meet and Greet and “broke bread” with the skate fam. before a quick nap – had to get my mind and body “rink ready.”

The Friday night set at Fun City Rink, 12am – 5am with DJ Joe Bowen didn’t disappoint. I felt like he did a great job playing to the crowd and touching on the different styles. He even played some new and old school local flavors. He could have played that “H-Town-knocking the boots” twice and no one could have been mad at that. It was Neon NIGHT, so the lights were low all night and the skaters shined bright under the black light.

[Check out our Instagram page to see the few clips I managed to get in the low light.]

The rink was small with deep corners. The wood felt great, only one bump patch off second turn, no biggie. Seating around the rink was plentiful – decor was on point. The large skaters’ mural on the long wall stretch was a nice touch to the rink.

Skate City Fun Center Skate Mural

I skated the entire night – no real reason to get off the floor, until the music stopped. Good size crowd for a Friday night. 15-20 min ride to the hotel for some R and R.

Day two, Saturday. I’m up and out early to set up a vending table at the indoor BBQ/concert. The venue was switched, due to the predicted rain storms which, came true (good call). I didn’t see any of the concert since I was on vending duty outside under the tents. It would have be nice to have the backup of the IMSN crew to relief me of duty to check it out… apparently “extreme yoga class” and “full body waxing” was more important. Again, a convo for another time.

The bull riding was cliché for Texas but it fit in well and was entertaining.

I only had the fish fry, but the food was plentiful even though it was served late (kind of a stickler for timing especially when hungry). The Roundup committee was VERY hospitable. I had a small headache and one of the team members offer to walk across the street to a gas station to get me Advil. I tell you folks it’s the small things. I wish I knew her name. I eventually packed up and met up some skate fam. to break bread at the Texas famous Pappadeux (sp). The food was terrific! Good convo. So worth it. Stopped at DQ for some dessert and back to the hotel to chill before skating.

Saturday night 12-5a with DJ Big Bob and DJ Joe Bowen. I didn’t skate the night away because I left 1 skate in the hotel. Smh. I cried a little inside at the thought of considering wearing rentals, but someone was able to pick-up my other skate. #lifesaver #therealmvp. The crowd was thick but bearable. There was no roll-call or style-call which actually worked really well. More events should consider that in my opinion. Not all, just some. The roll call has its place.

All-in-all Houston is a good look for the skate community. Props to the producers of the event. If I could’ve done it differently I would have stayed longer to check out more local flavor. I hate 2 day trips. I was there less than 48 hrs. …but that’s the skate life.

Till next time folks.

-L Moore

I would but… its my skate night.