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21 Things Style Skaters Understand To Be True

Roller skating IMSN


1. Falling

It’s apart of the gig. It happens to even the very best of us. The trick is to playing it off as smoothly as possible…

2. …Unless you’re hurt pretty bad. In which case you should stay down for a while.

3. Unwanted Sexual Advances

Women in tutus, stretchy pants, belly-tops, jeans, sweaters, or pretty much anything are always targeted with the most disturbing sexual advances. The thirst is very real.

4. Stretching

Limbering up for your skate night is never a bad idea. Your muscle will thank you!

5. Regret

The host hotel scene at an out-of-town skate jam can be pretty crazy. …some go over board and deal with the regret the next morning.

6. Tantrums

Some of us revert to toddlers if we can’t get our skate fix.

7. Skate Hang-overs

Oh the mighty “Skate Hang-over” is real! Working after a skate jam is torture.

8. Success!

When your skate crush agrees to skate with you.

9. The Middle

When you finally get the courage to skate in the middle.

10. Having the Proper Skate Gear

Having the proper outfit is essential!

11. The Skate Shake 

When you see it, you’ll know. The complexity ranges from double fist bumps to running laps and meeting hands first 4 feet in the air.

12. Skate Routines

You practice your skate routine for months to reveal at a skate party… but there’s always one that can’t remember the steps and is separate by the group by 8-10 feet  (off screen).

13. Non-Skaters Will Never Understand

…and unfortuanately for many couples their boy/girlsfriend is home waiting for a detailed report on your where-abouts at 2am.

14. Motivation.

Men skate better when the girls watch (and vise versa)… Seriously.

15. The DJ hate you!

…and your stupid requests!

16. Two words, “ALL SKATE!”

The sweet relief from the extended specialty skate sets.

17. Disappointments…

When you realize your special move isn’t so special…

18. Sidelining

When your boy/girlfriend that can’t skate join you for a late night session. You’re trying your hardest to give many f*cks that he/she isn’t enjoying the view from the sideline and is ready to go… So hard to do while going all out in the fast backwards set.

19. Derby Chicks!

They’re awesome! …but will also put you on your ass! And in that order.

20. The Cyber Skate Rink

Skate related drama unfolding on social media. The real entertainment.


Also known as little devils on skates that want to kill you.


And this goes without saying… You’re totally addicted!


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